Privacy Policy TLDR;

Unscatter.com does not collect or share personally identifiable information for non-business customers.
What I don't collect
IP Information

Our web server logs do not store any IP information. I do not need it.


I do not issue or collect any cookies on the unscatter.com domain. I do not offer any site customization and have no interest in tracking your actions on the site, so I have no need to issue cookies.

What I do collect
User agents

I do collect user agents of requests. I do this to help idenfity bots and scrapers that may be violating my robots.txt file. I'd rather not have to collect that, but I have found it necessary for setting up our CloudFlare firewall to reduce load from some more malcious ones.

While writing this, I found that CloudFlare is now offering bot protection for the plan I use. I may review this choice once I see how this works over time.

Time and URL

I do collect the time and the url off all hits to the website. I use this to monitor request load to the site and what is being hit.

Search terms

Every search I store a record of the term searched for and a time stamp. Just two fields, term and timestamp. I plan to use this information to track the frequency of search terms and may try to monetize this data as part of an API and/or otherwise make it available to track trending.

What third parties are involved?
Digital Ocean

Unscatter.com is hosted on Digial Ocean. We use their servers and network infrastructure to host the site

The link is a referral link. Everyone I refer gets $100 credit over 60 days. I get $25 credit if you spend $25.


Cloudflare is our CDN, all http(s) requests and DNS queries for anything unscatter.com go to Cloudflare first. You can find out more about what Cloudflare logs here.

What is a business customer?

In the future I may offer some paid services, like access to an API. If/when I do, I plan to provide all of that on a seperate subdomain, not www.unscatter.com. For that I will need to collect information that I can use to identify and monitor access based on whatever monetization scheme I implement. I haven't begun to plan that at all, but adding it here now so I'm not doing an about face on privacy later.